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Filmmaking training for businesses, corporations and public sector organisations

Working in a corporation, business or public sector does not exclude you from discovering and nurturing your creativity.


In a world where understanding technology and using creativity are a must have in your toolkit, this is your opportunity to equip yourself for the digital age.


We will provide training opportunities and equipment to help you discover your interests and explore your creative inclinations right within your place of work. We have two products;

FilmTech Away Days


Enjoy 2 nights and 3 days on an away day with members of your team and produce a film.


We will accomodate you in a hotel for your comfort


  • You will dvelop technical filmmaking skills

  • You will leave with a completed film

  • You will strengthen the bonds among each other by collaborating to produce a film

  • Have fun with your tem

  • Get tp know your team members better

  • Develop technical skills

Weekly FilmTech Film Clubs


We take you through the filmmaking process and teach you the skills required to produce a film. This will include teaching you to write film scripts, using the camera to shoot your film and edit your film followed by a film premiere.


Lessons will take place an hour per week for 12 weeks on your work site, so we will come to you.

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