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National Progression Award in Film and Media at SCQF Level 5


Course Objective


The focus of this unit is on practical activity carried out in a creative context. You will work as part of a team in the planning and implementation of a creative project. You will learn how to: 


  • Work with others and contribute to the production of a plan for a creative project in response to a given brief. 

  • Contribute to the implementation of a creative project. 

  • Review the completed project and your contribution to it.



The Award:

  • develops knowledge and understanding of film and media together with practical, technical and transferable skills such as resource management, problem solving, planning and communication skills

  • offers a wide range of optional units to meet local needs

  • provides bite-sized chunks of learning that are straightforward for learners to study

Why Study this Qualification?

The NPA in Film and Media at SCQF level 5 is suitable for learners who are at school or who may have just left school.

The NPA in Film and Media at SCQF level 5 has been designed to offer you an introduction to the film and media sectors, and practical experience of developing and delivering your own creative project.



Although there are no specific qualifications needed for entry to the NPA in Film and Media, it would be beneficial if the candidate has some previous experience in related subjects (for example, Media at SCQF level 4).

Employment and Progression

You could use this level 5 award to progress to:

  • the NPA in Film and Media at SCQF level 6

  • the National Certificate in Creative Industries at SCQF level 6

Qualification Structure

SCQF level: 5

This National Progression Award consists of two mandatory units (2 SCQF credit points) and two optional units (2 SCQF credit points).


Mandatory units include:

  • Creative Industries: Creative Project 

  • Media: An Introduction to Film and the Film Industry 

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