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The FAMK Charity Run
Three Lakes for Three Charities

FAMK in collaboration with Regal Booths are raising money to support three small  charities in Milton Keynes who doing wonderful work in the city.

On May 18th 2024, our team and young filmmakers will run around the main lakes of Milton Keynes, Willen Lake, Caldecotte Lake and Furzton Lake. The run will start from 9am and we will run around all three lakes in one day. 

You are are welcome to join us on the run and raise money for the charities.


You are are also invited to click on the donate button to support our run. 


Another way to support us is to turn up at any or all of the lakes to chair us on.

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Making Good Better

This organisation is run by Maria Affa and provides breakfasts to the community of Fishermead, She brings the community together to interact, enjoy a meal, reduce loneliness and build connections.

Maria does this with a limited budget and little financial support but with a lot of passion.

Help us to give Maria a hands-up to continue to support the local community.


Grace's Kitchen

Tina has been involved, over the years, with charities bringing food and hope to disadvantaged people. When lockdown increased hardships of many, Tina used her catering, organising and people skills to help. Tina has a non-discriminatory approach and only sees needs that call for practical solutions. Her home and kitchen became a hub for providing a lifeline hot meal delivered free to individuals and families. Tina continues to work tirelessly with charitable and multifaith organisations to signpost vulnerable people as well as supplying basic food and hygiene needs. Her most recent project provided 100 hot lunches per day to children and young people during the school holidays, in addition to ongoing projects.

Family Food Bank

This small family food bank is run by husband and wife duo, Lavern and Maxine Robb.

The couple provide food items to people who are struggling from the cost of living crises with affordable food items in order to ease the burden on families, alleviate poverty and ensure children do not go to bed hungry.

This work is done with little to no financial support but the desire of the couple to help others.

Help us to help them too. We want to raise money to purchase more items in order to support even more families.

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