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National Progression Award in Film and Media at SCQF Level 6


Aims of the Course

The principal aim of the NPAs in Film and Media is to offer learners an introduction to Film and Media and a platform from which school pupils, college students, community-based learners and others can access, enjoy, understand, create, explore and share film in all its forms. It aimes:

To enable the integration of technological, production and creative skills. 

To develop study, research and investigative skills. 

To provide academic stimulus and challenge, and foster an enjoyment of the subject. 

To develop transferable skills including the Core Skills of Communication, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Problem Solving and Working with Others. 

To develop skills in planning, reviewing and resourcing. 

To develop skills in critical analysis, evaluation and reflective practice.


The Award

This NPA develops knowledge and understanding of film and media together with practical, technical and transferable skills such as resource management, problem solving, planning and communication skills.

The qualification has two mandatory units:

  • Film and the Film Industry: An Introduction, and

  • Creative Project

together with optional units that range across feature writing, storytelling and the creative process, to directing, video editing and media photography.

Why study this qualification?

The NPA is suitable for learners who are at school or who may have just left school. or progressing from a SCQF Level 5 Award.


Entry is at the discretion of the centre.

Although there are no specific qualifications needed for entry to the NPA in Film and Media, it would be beneficial if the candidate had some previous experience of related subjects (for example, Media at SCQF level 4 or above).

Employment and Progression

The NPA in Film and Media provides candidates with opportunities to progress to a range of other qualifications such as the National Certificate in Creative Industries at SCQF Level 7. Progression to an HNC/HND or a degree programme in a related area would be dependent on the learner's portfolio of qualifications and/or experience. 

Qualification Structure

Group award code: GN4A 46 (4 SCQF credit points)

The NPA in Film and Media at SCQF level 6 consists of two mandatory units

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